Hiroshi Tabata
London, England
Arno rafael Minkkinen
With Aino, Massachusetts, Usa
Ania Onopiuk (Milk)
with Roemer, Rilland, Nederland
Martin Katz
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Corinne Beinart
With Beau, Melbourne, Australia
David Butow
Washington, USA
Ashley Crowther
With Joon-Hwan, Seoul, South Korea
Laura Jackson
with Cicely, Plymouth, England
Sally Lindberg
Stockholm, Sweden
Xabi Abeleira
Paris, France
Thibault Solans
with Maëlys, Nice, France
Jeremy Cohen
with Azalea, New York, USA
Coralie Salaün
with Mina, Rennes, France
Luca Galante
with Cristina, Teramo, Italia
Jorge Gamboa
With Raffy, Bacolod City, Philippines
Tania Ruiz
Santiago, Chile
Gina Randazzo
New York, USA
Talia Woodin
London, England
Jean Michel Monin
With Abel an Fulma, Niort, France
Marc Braspenning
Brussels, Belgique
Ana Torres
Berlin, Deutschland
Adam Johansson
with Isabelle, Sweden
Léïna Jung
with Rozenn, Paris, France
Roxy Furman
London, England
Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert
with Luis, Edinburg, Scotland
Yves Herman (Reuters)
Bruxelles, Belgique
Farida Testa
With Hannah, New York, USA
Amelie Lewenhaupt
with Liv Coro , Göteborg, Sweden
Clara Caudron
with Sibylle, Marseille, France
Sophie Faguer
with Laurine, Mayenne, France
Gigi Schweiter
West Linn Oregon, USA
Marie Rouge
Paris, France
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Jeremy Cohen

with Azalea, New York, USA